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Tranquillo Lab

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Principal Investigator

Robert T. Tranquillo
Professor and Department Head, Biomedical Engineering
Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Current Students/Post-Docs

Zeeshan Syedain, Post-Doc

Zeeshan Syedain
Senior Research Associate

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2009

Anh La
5th yr Ph.D. BME candidate

B.S., University of California Irvine, 2013

Former Students/Post-Docs; Current Position (or last known position)

Stefano Guido
M.S. (ChEn) - February 1992; Professor, University of Naples

Rich Dickinson
Ph.D. (ChEn) - October 1992; Professor, University of Florida; CBET Program Director, NSF

Alice Moon
Ph.D. (ChEn) - November 1992; Senior Project Manager at Carestream

Prabhas Moghe
Ph.D. (ChEn) - September 1993; Professor, Rutgers University

Victor Barocas
Ph.D. (ChEn) - January 1996; Professor, University of Minnesota

Tim Girton
Ph.D. (ChEn) - April 1999; VP for R&D, International Cardiology, Boston Scientific

Dave Knapp
Ph.D. (ChEn) - July 1999; VP for Corporate Research, Boston Scientific

Naren Dubey
Ph.D. (ChEn) - December 1999; CEO, Photogurus

Mihir Wagle
Ph.D. (ChEn) - May 2000; Strategy and Operations Manager, Deloitte

Ted Tower
Ph.D. (ChEn) - June 2000; Technical (Research) Leader, Kimberly Clark

Ben Rosner
Ph.D. (ChEn) - April 2001; CMIO, HealthLoop

Evie Lee
M.S. (ChEn) - April 2001; Research Engineer, 3M

Paul Enever
Ph.D. (ChEn) - June 2001; Private Equity, Canepa Healthcare

Dave Shreiber
Post-Doc; Professor and Chair, Rutgers University

Stacey Dixon
Post-Doc; Project Manager, National Reconnaissance Office

Jeff Ross
M.S. (BMEn) - August 2002; CEO, Miromatrix

Jennifer Long
Ph.D. (ChEn) - August 2002; Assistant Professor, UCLA

Erin Grassl
Ph.D. (ChEn) - November 2003; Principal Scientist, Medtronic

Mike Neidert
Ph.D. (BMEn) - April 2003; Senior Therapy and Marketing Manager, Medtronic

Audrey Gandadjaja
M.S. (ChEn) - September 2005; Deput General, PT Tempo Scan Pacific

Brett Isenberg
Ph.D. (ChEn) - April 2005; Senior Technical Staff Member, Draper Laboratory

Bradley VanWinkle
M.S. (BMEn) - November 2005; TBD

Jason Meyers
M.S. (BMEn) - January 2007; TBD

Choon-Sik Jhun
Post-Doc; Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine

Paul Robinson
Ph.D. (BMEn) - December 2007; Staff Engineer, Abbott Tendyne

Lauren Black
Post-Doc; Associate Professor, Tufts University

Katie Ahmann
Ph.D. (BMEn) - November 2010; Principal R&D Engineer, Abbott

Jason Bjork
Ph.D. (BMEn) - December 2010; R&D Engineer, 3M

Krissy Morin
Ph.D. (BMEn) - November 2012; Senior R&D Scientist, Abbott

Justin Weinbaum
Post-Doc; Research Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Rich Beck
Ph.D. (BMEn) - April 2013; Senior Mechanical Reliability Engineer, Medtronic

Nathan Weidenhamer
Ph.D. (BMEn) - May 2013; Senior R&D Engineer, Medtronic

Victor Lai
Ph.D. (MatS) - May 2013; Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota-Duluth

Jessica Dries-Devlin
Post-Doc; Senior Medical Writer, Medtronic

Jillian Schmidt
Ph.D. (ChEn) - May 2015; Assistant Teaching Professor, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Jacqueline Wendel
Ph.D. (BMEn) - July 2015; Biomedical Engineer, AtriCure

Jay Reimer
Ph.D. (BMEn) - April 2016; R&D Engineer, Abbott

Sonja Riemenschneider
Ph.D. (ChEn) - May 2016; Photographer and Owner, Lightbound Photography

Jeremy Schaefer
Ph.D. (BMEn) - July 2016; Biomedical Engineer, Atricure